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Overall, The Structurator® features:

  • some essential structural tips specific to each story-type
  • many examples of movies - both classics and recent ones - based on each story-type
  • a fun, interactive introduction to the Story-Type Method
  • an experimental story tool to lead you to the relevant information
  • or the option to access directly the content related to your story-type
  • there is nothing to download or install, it's entirely web-based

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Did you find this introduction video useful?

The Structurator® contains a lot more information on story structure.

It's not only a useful story tool, it's also a fun, interactive introduction to the Story-Type Method®.

And it's web-based, so there is nothing to download or install.

Best of all, it's entirely free!

What people say about The Structurator®

"I have worked with Emmanuel on and off for two decades, so I thought I knew it all... but to see his theories mapped out in such detail here and to test my own story material against the brilliant Structurator was quite an eye-opener. As ever, with what seems like effortless common sense, he makes you drill down to the core story questions you thought you'd already answered... with some pretty 'dramatic' results! I am so pleased to see an alternative to the 'studio system' manuals we all know and slightly loathe - his approach is outside any 'formula' and is tremendous for those who need focus or, as I have felt so often, are feeling STUCK. In my experience, his Structurator could also be called The Re-Enthuser, (though it is not half as good a name)... I went back to work with renewed belief and better ideas."

- Eileen Horne, Writer and producer

"I found the Structurator hugely helpful. I worked in script development for almost a decade, and nobody taught me more about the craft of screenwriting than Emmanuel. The Structurator is almost as useful as having him in the room, asking you questions which can frame your thinking about a project. Story problems that seem to be about the detail of particular scenes are often more about the big questions: who wants what, and what's getting in the way? Playing around with the Structurator breathed new life into an idea I've been toying with for years. Great!"

- Toby Garfath, Writer, script consultant and teacher

"The Structurator is indeed useful. By defining your story-type, it makes you think about broader possibilities for your script. Something the experienced writer needs to examine as much as the starting writer does. Oberg knows his stuff and can present the art in a clear and different way. I’d recommend using The Structurator on all your scripts and seeing where its conclusions might take you."

- Sebastian Foster, Writer

"I love the Gestalt of this idea/approach. What if there is an external problem (life and death) that can only be solved via the protag's ability to arc psychologically?" [Answer: this is the way many action movies / thrillers are designed, for example Jaws or Duel]

- Richard Lamborne