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Quick Technical Tour of the Course


Each video in this course offers English subtitles, which are enabled by default but can be disabled.

You can also control the playback speed by clicking on the gear icon in the playback bar and selecting a different speed (up to 15% slower / 25% faster).

In most training videos, there is a headshot video in one corner. If you find it distracting, feel free to stick a post-it on it, I won’t be offended!

Interactive Chat Assistant

In your group page and in all the course modules & topics, you’ll find an interactive chat assistant to help you with any questions you might have about the course content. Available 24/7, this assistant provides information, definitions, examples and guidance about the content of the course. It’s similar to the website assistant available in the lower right corner of many pages of the website (including this one), except that it’s designed to help specifically with the content of each course.

Topics Materials

All the slides and a transcript of the video can be displayed in the ‘materials’ tab for each topic. It’s not possible to download any of these documents.

However, all the slides shown during the course are included in your group materials, located in the ‘materials’ tab in your group page. If you’re doing this course as part of a live workshop, the slides might be dripped during the workshop but you’ll have access to all of them at the latest at the end of the workshop.

Interactive Quizzes

Even if quizzes are not your thing, give them a chance! They are designed to entertain and motivate, but also to give you a way to check how much you actually remember from each module.

They also give you instant feedback, telling you why each answer was correct or not and suggesting which topic to revisit if you got it wrong.

Also, the better you do in the quizzes, the more points you accumulate, so the bigger the potential saving on your next course (more details below).

Creative Freedom Game

In the top right corner, you’ll find a menu that gives you direct access to the Creative Freedom Game progress. You’ll find more info on the game as well as a group-specific leader board on your group page.

Playing the game is optional, so you don’t have to spend any time on it if that’s not your thing. However, please note that points earned throughout the course can be redeemed against a future purchase (up to 25% OFF any course): The better you do in the quizzes and the further you go in the course, the bigger the potential saving on your next course…

You can also disable some or all of the game-related emails in your course user profile.


Taking notes as you go through the course is highly recommended, as it might help you feel more active. It can also help to process and memorise the information if you write it in your own words.

When logged-in, you’ll find to the right of all course pages a handy widget that speeds up the process of taking e-notes. These private notes synchronise automatically between your devices and can be printed or exported as MS Word documents. Make sure you export/print them before the end of your course access as these notes are only accessible by you, from within the course.

Some like to pause the video frequently and take advantage of the subtitles as they write their notes, either on the content or on their own project. Others like to watch the same video more than once to take all the content in. It’s entirely up to you.

Topics, Modules and Course Estimated Length

Going through the course can take a lot longer than adding together the minimum amount of time indicated for each topic / module. Please take this into account when planning your progress.

This course contains around 15 hours of self-led content in total and it’s very detailed. If you’re an active note-taker, it can take up to thirty hours or more to complete the course.

So schedule at least a week to go through it if you can spend half the day or more studying, and two weeks if you can only dedicate a couple of hours a day. That’s assuming you’ve done all the film watching before you start.

If you only have access to the first three training modules, ‘A New Framework for Developing Screenplays‘, it’s around 3.5 hours of content, so it might take you up to seven hours to go through it. Please make sure that you set aside at least a couple of days so that you don’t have to rush through the content.


Last but not least, you’ll find in the bottom right corner an accessibility tool that offers a text-to-speech feature along with various modes: epilepsy safe, visually impaired, cognitive disability, ADHD friendly, blindness…

Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any suggestions to help make this website even more accessible, as this is important to us.

All the course material is copyrighted and all rights are reserved.

Please do not distribute this content, which is made available exclusively for your own personal use.

Also, please don’t share your login credentials or the system will lock you out of the course.

I hope you enjoy the course!


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