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If you’re involved in the script development process and want to design a meaningful, entertaining and moving screenplay that reaches a wide audience, you’ll love the Story-Type Method, a new approach to screenwriting designed for the 21st century.

This unique combination of exhilarating freedom and tremendous power, taught around the world by Emmanuel Oberg, is available in a series of books, online courses & live workshops and shapes our coaching and consulting services.

…Without Prescriptive Rules!

Emmanuel Oberg is a screenwriter, author and creative consultant. As a writer, he has worked for:



Emmanuel has not only taught screenwriting to thousands of filmmakers over the years, he’s also a professional screenwriter and a creative consultant himself.


Talent and Craft

If you’re after a cookie-cutter approach, this isn’t for you. Talent can’t be taught, but craft and principles can: If you have the passion, we have the method…



There is the word ‘play’ in screenplay, and it’s too often forgotten. The one thing we don’t want is to take the fun out of writing – or learning. So let’s play!

Transform the Way You Read, Write, Pitch, Assess and Develop Screenplays!
Books and Self-Led Online Courses

A New Approach to Screenwriting

Why the Story-Type Method? Simply because no other approach leaves you so free to develop your projects the way you enjoy doing it, while giving you the tools to design a bulletproof structure, troubleshoot your projects and improve your screenplay, whether it’s for a feature film or a TV Series.

#1. Ditch the Rules

There is no single way to develop a good screenplay. Story structure is a lot more flexible than 3 (or 5) acts, 8 sequences, 15 beats or 22 steps…

#2. Learn at Your Own Pace

Learning should be fun and relaxed. Whether you’re reading a book or exploring an online course, you should be in control.

#3. Get Results!

Our approach is based on getting results rather than on theory for the sake of theory. We’re helping creative professionals, not film critics.


Acclaimed by Storytellers Around the World


Average Ratings
for Our Books, Workshops and Courses

“Very thorough understanding of the inner workings of our craft, guaranteed to spark fresh thoughts that will benefit your next project, no matter how experienced you are.”

Mike van Diem, Academy Award-Winning Director

“The story-type method is a refreshing and liberating way of looking at story and structure. Emmanuel is full of enthusiasm, and his passion for good storytelling makes the method fun (yes, really!) to apply..”

Ina Remme, Producer and Head of Development at Element Pictures

“Emmanuel is enthusiastic with no fixed screenwriting rules – only great tools he skillfully shared with us. I highly recommend his workshop to anyone who works in the film industry..”

Ingrid Stenersen, Writer/Director

“This is a highly refreshing approach to the subject and one highly recommended to everyone from the aspiring screenwriter to the overburdened development exec.”

Dan MacRae, Head of UK Development, StudioCanal

“The Story-Type Method cuts through to the essence and guides you when you are lost.”

Matthias Hoene, Multi-award winning film and branded content director

“A fabulous one-stop, practical tool box for writers and developers.”

Ed Clarke, Head of Film and TV at Shoebox Films, author of the Rowan Oakwing series as E.J. Clarke

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