Advanced TV Development Workshop for NEM in Zagreb

I just had a fantastic time in Croatia! I was invited by NEM ZAGREB to deliver a 3-day workshop starting with the first day of my 3-day Advanced Development Workshop as an introduction to the Story-Type Method, followed by my new module on TV Series. The workshop took place over the whole conference, which had a busy schedule focusing on the European TV market. The conference was hosted in the Esplanade Hotel and welcomed more than 400 participants and speakers coming from around the world. The participants selected for the workshop were writers, directors, producers and story editors from Croatia and Slovenia working for Nova TVPop TV and MIR Media. One of them was the talented Daria Kersic, who won the TV writing contest in the scripted category with her project Dream Hackers. The group was lovely and Zagreb is a wonderful city: impressive Christmas decorations at night, and vibrant city centre during the day!

Here are a few testimonials from the participants of our 2-day TV Series Workshop:

Writing a Successful TV Series

Emmanuel Oberg’s workshop offers an insightful and comprehensive way to approach tv series narrative and structure. His method is simple but very clarifying, a useful tool when dealing with episodes, pilots, bibles, strands, seasons, cliffhangers, franchise and all sorts of often confusing concepts even for the experienced film producer. It is also fun and I really enjoyed taking it. I can say that I feel much better equipped now to face the development of my series project.

Cristina Zumarraga

Writing a Successful TV Series

Emmanuel’s approach to dramaturgical structure is the right mix between craftsmanship and the knowledge that each project is individual. He gives you a great tool box to find your own approach.

David Keitsch
Komplizen Serien

Writing a Successful TV Series

Of all the many international workshops I have done, I have rarely experienced one that offered such a steep learning curve. Thanks, Emmanuel.

Ivan Madeo

TV Series Workshop for CE Desk Latvia

The TV Series online seminar with Emmanuel Oberg in Riga organised by CE Desk Latvia, MEDIA office, was a unique experience, as it was the first professional training for writing TV series in this country.

It was a huge pleasure to organise it together with Emmanuel – all happened on a high professional level – he was reachable 24/7 and solved any organisational issues promptly and easily.

The seminar was also greatly appreciated by the participants. Several of them admitted that these 3 days were like a month at a film school, all of them confirmed that having participated in the seminar will seriously improve the quality of their projects and all of them said they have hunger for more!!!

Thank you very much for being the turning point of the TV series writing in Latvia!!!

Lelda Ozola

An enlightening experience

I did the Advanced Development Workshop and I really enjoyed the experience. It brought to the forefront the importance of a solid structure in order to enhance the impact of storylines without necessarily compromising creative expression. Emmanuel uses practical examples to breakdown the theory into practice which I found very useful. I would definitely recommend this course if you want to dig deep into the heart and soul of your story and give it legs. [Online TV Series Workshop for Creative Europe Galway, May 2020]

Sinead Collopy

Great tools

This workshop is great. Leaving you with many tools to help with redrafting and reassessing your bibles and pilots. Thanks Emmanuel. [Online TV Series Workshop for Creative Europe Galway, May 2020]

Paul Walker

Extremely enlightening and informative

Extremely enlightening and informative. [Online TV Series Workshop for Creative Europe Galway, May 2020]

Conor Matthews


This 4 day online course was really enjoyable. Emmanuel presented it very well and it was interesting from start to finish. The tips and advice given to us will most definitely be used in the future and I appreciate it very much. Thank you. [Online TV Series Workshop for Creative Europe Galway, May 2020]

Niamh Ní Chualáin

Highly Instructive Webinar

I found Emmanuel’s course immensely beneficial. He combines an encyclopaedic grasp of his subject with a natural flair for communication and shares his knowledge with great generosity and passion. I was able to apply the information and insights immediately to my scripts. I could not recommend his courses more highly. [Online TV Series Workshop for Creative Europe Galway, May 2020]

Peadar Cox
Ros na Rún

Advanced TV Development Workshop for NEM in Zagreb

The workshop was so well-structured, easy to follow and it felt like the focus was put on just the right things. Even when you hear about the stuff you already know about, like Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, you see it in a different light and it gets you to think about your own projects immediately. I would definitely recommend it!

Daria Keršić

Writing a Successful TV Series

If you want to dig deep and even deeper: this is the way to go. It is explained well, every step of the way, so you can apply what is thought.

Helen Perquy

Writing a Successful TV Series

I had the pleasure to attend two of Emmanuel’s workshops. His knowledge about the different screenwriting approaches is impressive and enables him to recombine and rethink them to a new approach. I highly appreciate his work no matter if you already know a lot about screenplays or not.

Arash T. Riahi

Writing a Successful TV Series

A helpful, necessary and stimulating approach to structure!

Laura Gragg

Many thanks to Antea Andelic and Dora Turopoljac from Mediavision for their kind invitation and to everyone involved in making this first edition of the conference in Zagreb such a successful one!

Here is a brief recap video of NEM Zagreb 2019. If you don't blink, you might spot a few shots of the workshop:
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