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Over the last two decades Emmanuel Oberg has worked as an international creative consultant, in parallel with his writing, on both film and TV projects.

Emmanuel offers one-off consulting on projects, mostly to participants of his workshops and courses. He can read an existing draft to discuss it and then write short or advanced script notes if desired. Exceptionally, he can take a project on for ongoing consulting (i.e. following a rewrite with the writer and the producer).

Emmanuel also offers a slate assessment service for studios and producers, which preferably takes place after a live workshops or a self-led course but can also be booked independently.

Important note: For various reasons, we can only provide consulting and coaching services to studios/producers, or to filmmakers represented by an agent/manager. Thank you for your understanding!

Fees on July 14, 2021

(excl. 20% UK VAT where applicable)

Script Chat

£495 /project

  • Reading of existing stage (screenplay, treatment, bible + pilot) and preparation.
  • Up to 30-minute phone/online meeting to discuss the project.
  • This is the initial stage if you're unsure which script notes to commission.
  • No written notes.
Script Notes

£995 /project

  • These brief notes (3-5 pages) contain essential points on theme, characters, plot, structure, and style.
  • The fee includes a 30-minute phone/online meeting (if not following a Script Chat).
  • £400 can be deducted if these notes are commissioned within a week of a Script Chat on the same project.
Advanced Script Notes

£1,995 /project

  • This advanced report (10-15 pages) adds rewriting directions, action plan, detailed notes and step-by-step analysis.
  • It includes an in-depth script meeting (1-2 hours).
  • £400 can be deducted if these notes are commissioned within a week of a Script Chat on the same project.
Have Any Questions?


Don't hesitate to contact us if your question isn't listed.

Who are These Script Notes and Script Chats for?

For various reasons, we're only able to offer this service to studios, producers and agents or their clients.

If that's you and you'd like to move your film or TV project to the next stage, please get in touch.

How Is the Consultation Paid?

We invoice 100% on commission to schedule the work. Preparation starts when the payment is confirmed, and the work is delivered when the payment clears. Usually, the turnaround is 1-2 weeks.

Payment is net, all currency conversion fees and bank charges are paid by the client. In some cases, 20% UK VAT might be charged on top.

Are There Prerequisites or Language Requirements?

Our script chats and notes can be delivered in English or in French. Please specify if you have a preference, otherwise English will be used.

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