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These internationally acclaimed workshops are designed for closed groups of five to forty-eight participants: Writers, directors, creative producers, story editors, development execs, creators, showrunners... Anyone creatively involved in the script development process.

They are usually commissioned by independent producers, studios, regional/national film funds and training organisations.

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TV Series Workshop for CE Desk Latvia

The TV Series online seminar with Emmanuel Oberg in Riga organised by CE Desk Latvia, MEDIA office, was a unique experience, as it was the first professional training for writing TV series in this country.

It was a huge pleasure to organise it together with Emmanuel – all happened on a high professional level – he was reachable 24/7 and solved any organisational issues promptly and easily.

The seminar was also greatly appreciated by the participants. Several of them admitted that these 3 days were like a month at a film school, all of them confirmed that having participated in the seminar will seriously improve the quality of their projects and all of them said they have hunger for more!!!

Thank you very much for being the turning point of the TV series writing in Latvia!!!

Lelda Ozola

We look forward to working with Emmanuel again in the future

Screen Skillnet partnered with Screen Skills Ireland in March 2021 to offer Emmanuel’s course ‘Writing A Successful TV Series’ to Irish creators. It was such a success, and the interest was so strong that we decided to rerun the course for a second group in June 2021. Emmanuel’s meticulousness is apparent in both the course content and how that is delivered through his online learning platform and live sessions. The feedback from participants has been excellent and we look forward to working with Emmanuel again in the future.

Barbara Deignan

Creating a common toolbox for writers working together

TV Series is a wonderful aid for writers and producers working together. Since completing the ADW in 2018, and the TV Series course in 2020, I’ve come back again and again to Emmanuel’s methods when troubleshooting my own work or steering others in development. Recently, along a group of writers I’m working with, I completed the latest online TV Series course. It has created a common language with which to discuss story issues and character development that has been invaluable in shortcutting how we communicate. The course is thorough and well presented, with clips and case studies that make it easier to put these gems of writing wisdom into practice. Emmanuel’s methods put the audience at the heart, helping the writer to amplify their message and maximise the chances of getting their story out into the world.

Bláthnaid de Róiste
Danú Media Teoranta

The right kind of teacher for inherently creative people.

Emmanuel is the right kind of teacher for inherently creative people. He does not instruct, or impose, or prescribe. He displays and explains a box of first-class tools, and encourages the writer to use the ones that suit the work in hand. In this way the work is improved, and the writer gains confidence at the same time, which in turn leads to even better work. Emmanuel is very tall, but he never talks down to you. [Advanced Development Workshop for Cologne Intl Film School]

Simon Perry

A wonderful opportunity!

Emmanuel Oberg organised for our FAMU production students an amazing short session from his workshop. An introduction to his method, including a group work, “What’s Your Type?” was great and followed with personal Q&A afterwards that gave our students a wonderful opportunity to dig into the subject. We decided to buy a few copies of Emmanuel’s books for our department as students are interested to know more after this experience. Thank you, dear Emmanuel, for making it happen for us within the limitations we had! [Introduction to the Story-Type Method Online Course, November 2020]

Karla Stojakova
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Who might want to attend a Story-Type Method workshop?

These are Advanced Development Workshops, so they are not designed for complete beginners. However, we get excellent feedback from users with little experience, so they seem to work for a wide range of storytellers.

Most of our alumni are professional writers, directors, creative producers, showrunners, story editors and development executives working in the Film and TV industry, worldwide.

We don't believe in a one-size-fits-all, simplistic approach: Screenwriting requires talent, hard work, and originality.

If you're looking for a modern, flexible approach to story structure, if you want to learn about the craft and are keen to troubleshoot your projects, then our workshops should be a great fit for you.

How are the workshops delivered?

Our workshops are normally delivered online, using our webinar platform for interactive lectures and Zoom for Q&As. We use advanced tools to provide a unique, engaging experience.

We are in the process of converting our live workshops into self-led online courses accessible to individuals. If the self-led course is available, the corresponding workshop is delivered online as a hybrid (part self-led, part live), otherwise the entire workshop is delivered live online.

Travel permitting, it is possible to deliver the final live session of any workshop in person if optional one-to-one meetings have also been commissioned, for an additional fee. Please contact us for more details.

Are there prerequisites or language requirements?

Our workshops are delivered in English, so a good understanding of the language is necessary.

Otherwise, you're expected to have an intermediate to advanced understanding and practice of screenwriting.

Some add-on modules require participants to have attended our Advanced Development Workshop, taken the Advanced Development Course or read "Screenwriting Unchained" before going through the content. This will be specified for each workshop.

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