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We help filmmakers, creators and storytellers around the world, in any stage of their career, to develop stronger Film & TV projects, faster, for a wider audience, without following prescriptive rules!

At Screenplay Unlimited, we’re passionate about story structure. Our goal is to remove unnecessary creative constraints from screenwriting and script development, yet provide solid foundations to inspire writers, directors, producers, showrunners and story editors working in film and television.

Over the years, we’ve put together a series of books, online courses and live workshops and programs based on the Story-Type Method®. This flexible yet powerful approach is also at the core of our consulting and coaching services.

If you believe that a good story is a combination of meaning, entertainment and emotion and want to explore how to reach the widest possible audience at home and abroad without limiting your creative freedom, you’ve come to the right place. If you have the passion, we have the method!

Emmanuel Oberg, Founder

Emmanuel is a screenwriter, author and creative consultant with more than twenty-five years of experience in the Film and TV industry, worldwide (full bio here).

He is the author of Screenwriting Unchained, an Amazon bestseller on script development introducing his innovative Story-Type Method®. The Screenwriter’s Troubleshooter, second volume in the series, is another Amazon bestseller. A third volume, Writing a Successful TV Series, was published in June 2023 and became a #1 bestseller in TV Screenwriting on Amazon U.S. a few months later. Emmanuel also designs internationally acclaimed workshops and interactive online courses.

As a writer, Emmanuel has worked for:

Over the years we’ve been working with:

Ditch the Rules

There is no single way to write a good screenplay. Story structure is a lot more flexible than 3 (or 5) acts, 8 sequences, 15 beats or 22 steps…

Work at Your Own Pace

Like writing, learning should be fun and relaxed. Whether you’re reading a book or exploring an online course, you should be in control.

Get results!

Our approach is based on getting results rather than on theory for the sake of theory. We are helping creative professionals, not film critics.

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