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This PDF sampler (first fifty pages) includes the contents, the introduction and most of the first chapter. In this book, written for storytellers eager to reach a wide audience at home and abroad, Oberg sets out a dogma-busting method that will transform the way you develop screenplays.

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Emmanuel Oberg is a screenwriter, author and script consultant with more than twenty years of experience in the Film and TV industry. After selling a first screenplay to Warner Bros, he has been commissioned as a writer by StudioCanal, Working Title / Universal, Gold Circle and Film4. For more information, please click here.

What People Say

About Screenwriting Unchained

  • Screenwriting Unchained is the lightsabre of screenwriting books.
    Matthias Hoene Matthias Hoene Multi-award winning film and content-branded director
  • Without question the most useful book in the marketplace on the writing and development process.
    Dan MacRae Dan MacRae Head of UK Development, StudioCanal
  • A fabulous one-stop, practical tool box for writers and developers.
    E. J. Clarke E. J. Clarke Head of Film and TV at ShoeBox Films and author
  • A refreshing new book all writers should consider studying.
    Max Timm Max Timm International Screenwriters Association (ISA)
  • Highly recommended for anybody in the business of film, with an interest in film, or simply with an interest in how and why stories work.
    Simon Bovey Simon Bovey Scriptwriter, director and university lecturer on screenwriting
As a screenwriter, Emmanuel has been commissioned by:


Over the last two decades, Emmanuel has worked as an international script consultant, in parallel with his writing, on both film and TV projects. He also offers a slate assessment service for producers. For more information, please click here.

"Very thorough understanding of the inner workings of our craft, guaranteed to spark fresh thoughts that will be benefit your next project, no matter how experienced you are."
Mike van Diem, Academy Award Winning writer-director

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