How to Use the Three Dimensions of Screenwriting to Get Your Film & TV Projects Made and Reach a Wider Audience

Without Following Prescriptive Rules!
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Emmanuel Oberg

Emmanuel is an internationally renowned screenwriter, creative consultant, speaker and bestselling author with more than 25 years of experience in the Film & TV industry, worldwide.

He’s currently based in the UK but also works in the U.S. and in Europe, mostly on English language projects or projects translated into English.

What You’ll Discover:

Part 1: Why the vast majority of old and new approaches to story structure actually have little to do with structure, often leading to new drafts that are different rather than stronger.

Part 2: How to develop stronger Film & TV projects, increase their chances of getting made and reach a wider audience, at home and abroad.

Part 3: How you can get help to master the three dimensions of screenwriting (and get fast results!)

As a writer, Emmanuel has worked for:

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