Advanced Development Workshop in Prague for Film Kolektiv

Happy New Year everyone!
This week, I’m back from the Czech Republic where I had a wonderful time delivering a 3-day Advanced Development Workshop specifically designed for a group of producers and writer-directors at Film Kolektiv, a dynamic and successful production company developing international projects and offering production services in Prague. The team is young yet very experienced: an ideal combination!

We had been discussing this for a while as three of the producers at Film Kolektiv are members of the ACE Producers network, so it was great to see the stars align and the workshop finally happen. It was also a real pleasure to meet the rest of the gang.

The principal aim when designing a workshop for a single company is, as always, to equip filmmakers with a set of storytelling tools that help develop each project as effectively as possible, but also to define a common language, which greatly improves the communication between producers and writers developing a project together. The workshop also puts a strong emphasis on each project reaching the widest possible audience, both at home and abroad, without compromising the filmmakers’ creative integrity.

Of course, this 3-day workshop was based on the Story-Type Method, so we picked the following case studies: The Hangover (one of the case studies in my Comedy workshop) for plot-led stories, The Intouchables for character-led stories, Crash for theme-led stories and a selection of hybrids and exceptions for good measure.

I’m very grateful for a warm welcome and a fantastic experience in Prague, a historic cradle of storytelling and filmmaking. Thank you, Film Kolektiv!

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