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What's in it for You?

Based on the innovative Story-Type Method, this workshop leaves aside rigid rules that lead to predictable screenplays. It also steers clear of supposed formulas for commercial success, which simply don't exist (or we'd know!).

The aim of the workshop is to equip filmmakers with a set of storytelling tools that help develop each project as effectively as possible. It details how filmmakers can identify the story-type of their projects as early as possible and adjust the development process accordingly, making it easier, faster and hopefully leading to stronger screenplays.

The workshop puts a strong emphasis on each project reaching the widest possible audience, both at home and abroad, without compromising the filmmakers' creative integrity. After the workshop, the course documentation is made available online. It includes detailed case studies from both classics and recent movies.

The workshop is usually fine-tuned to the specific needs of a production company / regional agency / development funding body or studio. For example, it can be followed by an optional extra day of one to one meetings for project work with the participants (see details below).

Although this might change in the near future, at the moment the only option for individual participants who want to learn more about the Story-Type Method (beyond the resources already available on this website) is to ask their producer, funding body or studio to commission the workshop.

Alternatively, please take a look at Screenwriting Unchained or watch the introduction video in The Structurator to find out more about the Story-Type Method.

Film Clips

Dozens of clips are screened over the three days to illustrate each storytelling tool and case study, from films such as: Two Days, One Night (L. & J.P. Dardenne), Frenzy (A. Hitchcock), Silver Linings Playbook (D.O. Russell), Cloud Atlas (T. Tykwer and the Wachovskis), The Lives of Others (F.H. Von Donnersmark), Misery (R. Reiner), Ridicule (P. Leconte), Birdman (A.G. Inarritu), The Bourne Supremacy (P. Greengrass), As Good as it Gets (J. L. Brooks), Gravity (A. Cuaron), The Apartment (B. Wilder), A Quiet Place (J. Krasinski), Rio Bravo (H. Hughes), Billy Elliot (S. Daldry), There’s Something About Mary (Farelli brothers), Cyrano de Bergerac (J.P. Rappeneau), City Lights (C. Chaplin), Parenthood (R. Howard), Crash (P. Haggis), Dunkirk (C. Nolan), Taken (P. Morel), Groundhog Day (H. Ramis) and more...

Advanced Development Workshop:
Fees on January 1st, 2021

Excl. 20% UK VAT where applicable

3-9 participants

  • Includes preparation and delivery
  • Travel & accommodation costs on top
  • A/V equipment / Meeting room not included

Would you like to bring your script development skills to the next level and give your film or TV project a total makeover?

This package will train creative producers, development execs, story editors and writer/directors working for the same independent production company, making sure that everyone in the team is on the same page and equipped with the best tools when discussing screenplays. A separate slate assessment service can be arranged (fee to be defined depending on the number of projects in development).

One or more extra day(s) for project work can also be booked alongside the workshop to allow meetings on individual projects immediately after the last day. See the next column for more details.


For project work meetings

  • Includes preparation and delivery
  • Up to four projects per day (90mn meetings)
  • Actual fee varies, written notes optional

While the Advanced Development Workshop is very practical and allows the participants to focus on a specific project if they want to, there is no time during the workshop to discuss individual projects.

A number of extra days can therefore be booked along with the workshop to make time for specific projects to be read in advance and discussed with the creative team (producer, writer, director) immediately after the last day.

We'll focus on the strengths and weaknesses of each project, as well as the way forward.

This fee includes preparation work for up to four projects. It varies depending on the exact number of projects and the actual amount of work requested.


10-20 participants

  • Includes preparation and delivery
  • Travel and accommodation costs on top
  • A/V equipment / Meeting room not included

This version of the workshop is aimed at regional / national funds or organisations who would like to train a larger number of participants (usually up to twenty). It's also the option a studio would go for to train a larger development team and/or to train all the writers working with them in development.

The content of the workshop can be fine-tuned to a specific audience (for example producers, story editors and development execs, or writers and directors).

While the tools are the same, the approach can be slightly different depending on the participants' role in development. This being said, the workshop works equally well with a mixed audience as long as participants have roughly the same level of experience.

Average Rating: 5.0 stars (based on 21 ratings)

I would definitely recommend it!

The workshop was so well-structured, easy to follow and it felt like the focus was put on just the right things. Even when you hear about the stuff you already know about, like Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, you see it in a different light and it gets you to think about your own projects immediately. I would definitely recommend it! [Advanced TV Development Workshop for NEM Zagreb, December 2019]

Daria Keršić

3-day Advanced Development Workshop (ACE 26)

One of the best workshops regarding script structure I’ve attended. It really makes you review and research what you know about books like Mckee, Field etc. The books that I’ve been related to at my studies. Really enjoyed it and will try to convey it to my work with films I produce and students I tutor. Very inspiring and thoughtful. Thank you Emmanuel!

Jelena Mitrovic

3-day Advanced Development Workshop for Screen West Midlands

I cannot thank you enough for such an extraordinary course full of so much wisdom mixed with a rare humility and delivered with real passion. The practical tools will be tremendously useful and the resources a huge bonus.

Natasha Carlish

3-day Advanced Development Workshop for Cologne Intl Film School

Emmanuel is the right kind of teacher for inherently creative people. He does not instruct, or impose, or prescribe. He displays and explains a box of first-class tools, and encourages the writer to use the ones that suit the work in hand. In this way the work is improved, and the writer gains confidence at the same time, which in turn leads to even better work. Emmanuel is very tall, but he never talks down to you.

Simon Perry

3-day Advanced Development Workshop for Ealing Studios

Many, many thanks for such a stimulating and inspiring course. The tools are already coming in extremely useful and I hope will transform my approach to any new project from now on.

Smita Bhide

3-day Advanced Development Workshop for Ealing Studios

Emmanuel’s 3 day Advanced Development Workshop for Ealing Studios was very useful and stimulating. I’m a big fan of Emmanuel’s teaching style because it’s non prescriptive and flexible – tools not rules as he always reminds us. All the feedback I’ve had from the writers who attended was extremely positive, I think they responded particularly well to the collaborative atmosphere and interactive sessions.

Sophie Meyer

3-day Advanced Development Workshop for the Netherlands Film Fund

Emmanuel Oberg’s workshop was very inspiring and eye opening. Three days with an intensive focus on storytelling in the broadest sense where existing models of structuring a screenplay were questioned.
Emmanuel’s wider perspective is at the same time very detailed. Both the workshop and the book provides useful tools and makes you reflect on what can be the best path for your story to flourish. It’s also an encouragement to an analytical but flexible approach of your story without being dogmatic.

Ellen Hoffmann

3-day Advanced Development Workshop for Screen Skills Ireland

As a writer I was able to immediately put into practice what I learnt from this extremely informative course, presented with passion, humour and verve by a man of great generosity at the top of his game and an accomplished speaker of great clarity.

Peadar Cox

3-day Advanced Development Workshop for Screen Skills Ireland

Emmanuel’s enthusiasm and knowledge were incredible. What an excellent facilitator and a lovely man too. I’ve always had loads of ideas for screenplays but was never quite sure about where to begin the script writing process. Over the three days, I gained an amazing amount of knowledge on story types and structuring, what does and doesn’t work and why it’s ok to not always live by the rules (lead with your passion). Thanks Emmanuel, I feel that I’ve unlocked the start of a new writing chapter in my life.

Anna Mannion

3-day Advanced Development Workshop for Creative Europe Galway

The most encouraging workshop I have ever attended.
I am a big fan of the book [Screenwriting Unchained] and I highly recommend it to anyone working in the industry. Emmanuel is very enthusiastic and knowledgeable. I cannot thank him enough for sharing his methods with us. The workshop is definitely a game changer and brought my writing skills to the next level. Many thanks.

David Souto

3-day Advanced Development Workshop for Screen Skills Ireland

What a fantastic three-day workshop. Emmanuel Oberg explored the mechanics of writing good drama, and provided us with a toolbox to help turn it into great drama. Inspiring stuff!

Marty Thornton

3-day Advanced Development Workshop for the Netherlands Film Fund

True value for money. Well-suited for advancing and advanced screenwriters, including successful ones and those who think they have heard or read it all before. Don’t expect a gospel from a preacher or a showman. Oberg is a modest man who clearly resists becoming the next screenplay guru. Yet he delivers an amazing, almost complete and very thorough understanding of the inner workings of our craft, guaranteed to spark fresh thoughts that will benefit your next project, no matter how experienced you are. And there is a big bonus. The screenplay business is a fickle mistress that can often leave you frustrated. Oberg makes you remember why you fell in love with her in the first place and he makes you fall in love all over again.

Mike van Diem

3-day Advanced Development Workshop for the Netherlands Film Fund

I found the 3-day advanced workshop very inspiring. Emmanuel has no dogmas unlike other scriptwriting gurus. He is an ego-less gentle open-minded teacher, who does not place himself above his students. He is very intelligent, but also emotional, spiritual and funny. Above all very positive. His tools are practical, but do not interfere with your writing flow. It’s all about the balance between knowing and not knowing, combining heart and head. I would advise every screenwriter to do this workshop, especially when you want to (re)discover your originality and talent.

Karen van Holst Pellekaan

3-day Advanced Development Workshop (ACE 27)

I had the pleasure to attend two of Emmanuel’s workshops. His knowledge about the different screenwriting approaches is impressive and enables him to recombine and rethink them to a new approach. I highly appreciate his work no matter if you already know a lot about screenplays or not.

Arash T. Riahi

3-day Advanced Development Workshop (ACE 26)

Without doubt the most inspiring developing session I have ever taken part in. Emmanuel is not only a very good speaker – but manages to use practical examples and group discussion to give the participants a very clear understanding of his thoughts on drama. Less dogmatic than McKee and Field he aims at giving the creative a tool box of dramatic elements rather than a formula for success. I strongly recommend this workshop to both writers, producers and funding bodies. Well done!

Frederick Peter Howard

2-day Advanced Development Workshop for Filmlab Norway

Thank you so much for the workshop at Filmlab in Norway a couple of weeks ago! As a producer I found it extremely inspiring and very very useful for my future collaborations and my work in creative processes. I have now got more tools when analyzing projects, guiding my directors/scriptwriters or just to discuss the projects. For my particular team that participated we also now have a common vocabulary to talk about our project, which feels really great. I’m also impressed with the structure of the lesson and your lecturing – kept me concentrated and interested the whole way. Thank you so much!

Andrea Ottmar

2-day Advanced Development Workshop for FilmLab Norway

I truly enjoyed Emmanuel’s three-day insightful workshop on The Story-Type Method! Full of vital and resourceful tools to use in the development process. Emmanuel is enthusiastic with no fixed screenwriting rules – only great tools he skillfully shared with us. I highly recommend his workshop to anyone who works in the film industry. Thank you so much!

Ingrid Stenersen

2-day Advanced Development Workshop for FilmLab Norway

The story-type method is a refreshing and liberating way of looking at story and structure. Emmanuel is full of enthusiasm, and his passion for good storytelling makes the workshops engaging and the method fun (yes, really!) to apply. I’ve gotten some solid new tools, as well as the bonus of a new surge of inspiration and energy into the development process. Thank you!

Ina Remme

3-day Advanced Development Workshop for iFeatures

Intense but incredibly useful workshop that has helped take our script to the next level. Emmanuel is very friendly and doesn’t force you to conform to any fixed methods. Instead he gives you the tools to explore your own ideas better.

Manjeet Gill

3-day Advanced Development Workshop (ACE 24)

Thanks for a really useful and inspiring seminar – I have attended a number of development training courses in the past, so wasn’t sure whether I would learn very much that was new. As it happens, I learned a huge amount and feel much more confident about going back into the development process with a brand new toolbox.

Alison Sterling

3-day Advanced Development Workshop for Screen West Midlands

I have learnt more on this workshop than any previous development course that I have attended. It’s as if up to now I have been looking in through a window and now the door has been opened. I came away not just with an effective set of diagnostic tools but the confidence to approach script development in an enthusiastic and positive way.

Sunandan Walia

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Who Should Attend a Story-Type Method Workshop?

These are Advanced Development Workshops, so they are not for beginners.

The minimum level of experience would be film students with a masters degree. Most of our participants are working professionals. The more experienced, the more you get out of the course.

How Is the Workshop Delivered?

Currently, all our workshops are delivered online, using our webinar platform for interactive lectures and Zoom for Q&As.

We are in the process of converting our workshops into online courses.

Are There Prerequisites or Language Requirements?

All our courses are delivered in English, so a good verbal understanding of the language is necessary. Otherwise, you're expected to know the basics of screenwriting.

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