New ANF Workshop for ACE Producers in Norway

Last week I had the great pleasure of working with a group of experienced producers who had gathered in Stavanger (which always brings back fond memories as that’s where I went on honeymoon with my lovely wife, sixteen years ago!)

Eighteen producers from the ACE 31 selection were joined by two Norwegian producers, Ingvil Berger from Motlys AS (Listen Up!) and Jarle Bjorknes from Incitus AS (Redemption).

Before the workshop, they went through the first three modules of the just released Screenwriting Unchained – Advanced Development online course at their own pace. After that, we all got together for live sessions including Q&As and interactive group work, followed by individual meetings on their projects.

This new ANF hybrid workshop introduces the Story-Type Method and covers the first section of the full Advanced Development Workshop titled ‘A New Framework for Developing Screenplays’. Participants have the option to upgrade to the full course after the workshop, should they want to.

It was a lot of fun so I’m very grateful to all the producers and of course to Jacobine van der Vloed (ACE Director & Head of Studies) and Antoine Simkine (ACE President) for their kind invitation and to everyone involved in making this workshop so enjoyable!

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