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This Changes Everything: We’ve Launched Our First Online Courses, Worldwide!

Today is an exciting day for us: We've launched two self-led online courses that are, for the first time, accessible to anyone, anywhere in the world!

No selection process, no geographical limitation and an affordable price, especially during this launch.

Unlike our workshops, these online courses don't include a live element (Q&A sessions, group work, one-to-one meetings on projects) as standard, but these options are available for groups or teams of five participants or more, along with cohort enrolment. Please contact us if you'd like to discuss this.

To make the most of the online delivery, we're using a bespoke learning platform offering advanced online presentation tools to deliver a unique, engaging experience:

  • Training content clearly organised into separate modules, each one divided into short topics.
  • English subtitles and transcripts for each training video to make them more accessible to a wider audience.
  • Intuitive course player with options to change the speed of the videos and their resolution.
  • Interactive quizzes with instant feedback to find out how you're doing and which topic you might want to revisit.
  • Optional game for those who find a bit of competitive fun motivating and entertaining!


The first course, "Screenwriting Unchained", is an adaptation of Emmanuel Oberg's book and Advanced Development Workshop. Part one of this course, released today, offers an introduction to the Story-Type Method.

This introduction on its own offers a lively presentation of the core aspects of the method. It also works really well for those who attended the Advanced Development Workshop or read "Screenwriting Unchained" a while ago and need a refresher before an add-on workshop or course, such as the one on TV Series.

It costs $297 and requires no preparation. We're offering 50% off during this launch (discount code SPRING2021), until the 16th of April 2021. This is when the Spring intake for this course closes. The course itself will run from the 17th of April to the 30th of April.

The second course released today, "Writing a Successful TV Series", is an adaptation of Emmanuel's workshop and upcoming book on TV Series.

It includes over ten hours of training content organised in eight training modules and offers an optional "Writers' Room Game" that tracks the progression of a writer in a virtual writers' room, from writers' PA to showrunner.

It costs $997 and requires at least two weeks of preparation. This is an add-on course, so participants are expected to have either attended the Advanced Development Workshop or read "Screenwriting Unchained". To help with preparation, the mini-course "Screenwriting Unchained - Introduction to the Story-Type Method" is currently included at no extra cost with "Writing a Successful TV Series".

We're also offering 50% off during this launch (discount code SPRING2021), until the 16th of April 2021. This is when the Spring intake for this course closes. The course itself will run from the 1st of May to the 14th of May 2021.

What People Say

We've been running these courses for closed groups over the last few months both with and without a live element and the feedback has been phenomenal!

The course had more jaw-dropping moments than Game of Thrones.

To sum it up in one word, INSPIRING! When I get stuck at a certain point, be it treatment or bible, I search high and low for a spark or key to unlock the issue so that I can move on. I now feel like the janitor walking about with a master key, no longer intimidated by the daunting task of holistically bringing everything together in a single document.

Danny McCafferty


I did this course online and loved it from start to finish. I think it gives writers a very clear understanding of some really useful tools which can be used to design a story/storylines or to diagnose why a story might not be working and how to fix it. […] I think I will come back again and again to all I’ve learned here.

Fiona Diver

A deep dive into story structure

“Emmanuel’s course is like a deep dive into story structure. You think you’ve got it mastered and then you realise how much more there is to learn. I feel so much more equipped as a screenwriter and script reader after this course.”

Niamh O'Connor

Excellent course for those who work with story

Excellent course for those who work with story – writers, directors and producers. […] Emmanuel is an engaging and insightful teacher.

Imogen Murphy

Creating a common toolbox for writers working together

TV Series is a wonderful aid for writers and producers working together. […] Emmanuel’s methods put the audience at the heart, helping the writer to amplify their message and maximise the chances of getting their story out into the world.

Bláthnaid de Róiste
Danú Media Teoranta

A brilliant and comprehensive one stop shop

This course helped to focus my ideas and give them direction, steering me away from wasting my time. It’s a brilliant and comprehensive one stop shop that cuts through all the excess and illuminates the path to writing your best script.

JJ Ó Dochartaigh
Losta Plot

A great course

I found the course to be really comprehensive and practical. Emmanuels’ application and teaching of the ‘Story Type Method’ can be applied to every possible type of TV series genre including Hybrids.

Brian Ó Tiomáin

An engaging masterclass in storytelling

Emmanuel was engaging throughout and his passion for storytelling has definitely encouraged me to put pen to paper.

Proinsias Ó Coinn

A wonderful opportunity!

Emmanuel Oberg organised for our FAMU production students an amazing short session from his workshop. An introduction to his method, including a group work, “What’s Your Type?” was great and followed with personal Q&A afterwards that gave our students a wonderful opportunity to dig into the subject.

Karla Stojakova

An insightful, clarifying and fun workshop!

Emmanuel Oberg’s workshop offers an insightful and comprehensive way to approach tv series narrative and structure. […] It is also fun and I really enjoyed taking it. I can say that I feel much better equipped now to face the development of my series project.

Cristina Zumarraga

A great tool box to find your own approach

Emmanuel’s approach to dramaturgical structure is the right mix between craftsmanship and the knowledge that each project is individual. He gives you a great tool box to find your own approach.

David Keitsch
Komplizen Serien

Thanks, Emmanuel!

Of all the many international workshops I have done, I have rarely experienced one that offered such a steep learning curve. Thanks, Emmanuel.

Ivan Madeo

TV Series Workshop for CE Desk Latvia

The seminar was also greatly appreciated by the participants. Several of them admitted that these 3 days were like a month at a film school, all of them confirmed that having participated in the seminar will seriously improve the quality of their projects and all of them said they have hunger for more!!! Thank you very much for being the turning point of the TV series writing in Latvia!!!

Lelda Ozola
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