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We all had a fantastic time in Galway last week during the first edition of our new hands-on TV Series Rewrite Workshop. This project-led event is aimed at participants who have either done the main TV Series live workshop or have followed the TV Series online course, so that everyone speaks the same language and shares the same references from day one. This allows us to focus on the projects and on the group rather than on theory.

It was also the first workshop that I’ve delivered in person in two years, and it felt really nice to break out of my Zoom box for a while, meeting friends and making some new ones! All our workshops can be delivered online, but a hands-on event like this — with so much group work and project work — definitely benefits from either a hybrid form (participants gathered together even if I can’t join them due to travel restrictions) or a fully in-person configuration.

The full group hard at work inside…

I’m very grateful to all the participants for being so generous, focused and enthusiastic during the workshop and for their kind words afterwards, to Creative Europe Desk Galway for commissioning the event and organising it so brilliantly and to the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland for their continued support.

The participants selected for this workshop were seventeen Irish writers, directors and producers developing eleven TV series projects. They were either working as a development team or as a team of solo writers joining forces during the workshop. They all embraced the challenge and it went very well. According to the participants, the experience was stimulating and inspiring, which is what we were aiming for!

…and soaking up the sun outside!
Here is a full list of the participants and their projects:
  • Seán Keeley (Writer) – The Brink
  • Deborah Ní Ghibne & Jac Keady (Co-writers) – Home
  • Billy McGrath (Writer) – Burgess G.D.
  • Denise Deegan & Fiona Tuhoy (Co-writers) – Killfluencers
  • Micheál & Seán T. Ó Meallaigh (Co-Writers) – Coole
  • Martha O’Neill (Producer, Wildfire Films) & Miriam Devitt (Writer) – Trace
  • Daniel Butler & Mike Heneghan (Co-Writers) – Cubs
  • Laura Canavan-Hayes (Writer) – Dead on the Money
  • Siobhán Ní Ghadhra (Producer, Danu Media) & Niamh O’Connor (Writer) – Mapping Keira
  • Molly O’ Driscoll (Writer) – A Tale of Two Wolves
  • Graeme (Writer) – The Vicious Circle

For more information about the participants, please take a look at the participants book.

Also check out the success story of Denise Deegan, one of the participants of this workshop.

And here are a few testimonials from the participants of this first TV Series Rewrite Workshop:

Highly Recommend

Emmanuel Oberg’s The Rewrite Stuff helped my co-writer and I to crack open our project, Killfluencers, and detect where it needed work. Examining it under twelve topics led to great clarity. The programme offered an incredibly opportunity to spend a significant block of time together, really diving into our TV series, taking onboard feedback from other teams and Emmanuel himself – who would make a great showrunner. We have come away with a great clarity and focus and look forward to a review of our results by Emmanuel in twelve week’s time. Thanks Emmanuel!

Denise Anne Deegan

Enjoyable and Inspiring. Definitely worthwhile

No matter how experienced or how much you (think you) know, this immersive, intensive, and interactive 12-step course is a brilliant way to dig deep into your original TV drama series. The daily structure is well-organised and focused on individuals within the wider group improving development, editing & re-writing skills alongside re-evaluating the strengths/weaknesses of their overall project. The extra plus is teaming up with like-minded writers and the core takeaways are lifelong lessons for the future. If you are an ambitious screenwriter with a well-developed concept apply, enjoy & learn from Emmanuel, the other individuals in your group & most of all from the constant re-appraisal and challenges you need to set yourself each day and afterward going forward. Hard work but enjoyable and inspiring. Definitely worthwhile.

Billy McGrath

Emmanuel’s insight has totally re-energized my passion and enthusiasm for my project

I recently completed Emmanuel’s “Rewrite Stuff” workshop and I cannot praise it highly enough. Emmanuel’s insight has given me so much to think about and has totally re-energized my passion and enthusiasm for my project and now I can’t wait to get re-writing and pitching. In addition to his own insights Emmanuel also fostered a really warm and open environment in which all the writers and producers in the room felt completely at ease discussing each others projects openly and honestly. The workshop worked wonders for my own confidence in what my project can become. I would absolutely recommend any writer jump at the chance to take part in this workshop!

Seán Keeley

An intense and rewarding course

I took Emmanuel’s Rewrite Workshop as I had hit a wall with the TV series I was writing. I can honestly say this is one of the best writing courses I have taken. It clarified so much for me around story type, story structure and series design. It gave me real, actionable next steps to reassess my series and take it to the next level. I am excited to get back to developing my series and confident my next pass will be much improved having had my mind slightly altered (in a good way!) by Emmanuel.

Miriam Devitt
Wildfire Films

A must for any writer looking to take their TV series to the next level

I cannot stress how good this course was. It gave us focus even before the start date of the actual course as we had to write a bible, pitch and read other projects. The course itself was very well organised with an emphasis on group work, collaboration, feedback. It was well structured and each step that was covered gave us great focus in terms of looking at our projects anew. The group dynamic was very open and constructive. Emmanuel managed it all seamlessly and made it a very safe, creative space. I left the course with a clearer vision of what I wanted to achieve and the tools to make it happen.
The follow up meeting has given us a definite timeline to get our project pilot written and the fact that Emmanuel will meet us again in July to see how we are progressing is another great incentive to keep going.


An incredible few days breaking the back of a TV series

I embarked on Emmanuel’s course in an effort to re-write a TV series that was early in development and I am so glad that I did. The core of my story, the why if you will for the main character, was not working and after a few days of working through the 12-step Rewrite model, I cracked it. Everyone in the writersroom setting had a chance to do an elevator pitch on day 1, and then again on day 4, with half the room having read the longer pitch/treatment. I found this a really interesting, revealing process and the pitch practice was fantastic.
Being in the room in-person, with other brilliant writers, after covid, was amazing. I learned a huge amount from the other writers and their projects and from the smaller break-out teams that we were paired into.
I would wholeheartedly recommend both Emmanuel’s online courses and the Rewrite week. It has transformed my TV series, and it is a Rewrite model that I will use going forward, again and again, for other TV series and features.
Thank you Emmanuel, and Eibhlín, at Creative Europe Desk Galway. It was a real gift to be chosen for this development course.

Laura Canavan-Hayes

If you are going to do one TV writing course, do this one.

I had the pleasure of doing both Emmanuel’s online course and then experience the rewrite course in person. His online course is by far the most succinct, clear and easy to follow guide to help you in planning/developing or writing a TV series that I have ever completed. It’s also broken down in neat sections so you are not overwhelmed, and you have the slides as a take away so that you can refer to them in the future. In person he has a clear understanding and passion for TV series and he delivers his patented 12 steps in an entertaining, patient and concise fashion. I would highly recommend for people working in development and TV writers to take his course, a lot of the information is stuff you probably know on a subconscious level, but his course clarifies all of that into simple useful tools. I would say if you are stuck writing a TV series and something is not working, his 12 steps will be hugely beneficial, and you will take away methods you can use forever. If you are going to do one TV writing course, do his, it covers everything and will leave you with everything you need to move forward, or to go plan a new TV series. Happy writing.

Fiona Tuohy

It helped me see my project in a clearer light than I ever had before

The TV Rewrite Workshop gave me the kick I needed to work through and think about my project in new ways while also getting me completely in touch with what the core of it was this whole time. The discussions led by Emmanuel along with his depth of knowledge on TV and Film helped me see elements of my project in a clearer light than I ever had before. The most rewarding part of the experience was working with a group of other writers and discussing their projects along with my own in the safe and open environment Emmanuel cultivated.


Amazing opportunity to focus

The time and guidance from Emmanuel over the four days was really helpful. It allowed us to focus and the feedback from the group was great too. Sometime it’s hard to see the wood from the trees on your own project, when you’re so close to it. So to get the opportunity to dive deep and relook at everything was invaluable.

Siobhán Ní Ghadhra

Many thanks to Eibhlín Ní Mhunghaile (Creative Europe Desk Galway) for her kind invitation and precious help in the preparation of this workshop. Here are a few words from her about her experience as an organiser:

The feedback from participants has been overwhelmingly positive

“As co-organiser with Screenplay Unlimited of the first Rewrite Workshop in Galway in May 2022, I can say that the feedback from participants has been overwhelmingly positive. While many found it challenging as they had to re-think and often find a new direction for their projects, they nevertheless found it inspiring and in all cases found the feedback from Emmanuel on the 12 topics examined extremely useful. This workshop is a great way to give your TV drama project a complete makeover and to discover the essence of the story you want to tell.”

Eibhlín Ní Mhunghaile

For more information on Creative Europe Desk Ireland or the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland, please click on either logo below:

To find out more about this TV Series Rewrite Workshop, please head to the workshop page or click on the logo below.

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