Writers’ Room Game

Playing this game as you go through the course is optional, so feel free to entirely ignore it. You can’t skip the quizzes, but you can answer them randomly to speed up the process. You can also unsubscribe from all gamification emails in your course user profile. However, please note that reward points earned throughout the course can be redeemed against a future purchase (up to 25% OFF any course): The better you do in the quizzes and the further you go in the course, the bigger the potential saving on your next purchase…

So if you’d like to spice up your learning journey with a bit of competitive fun (and possibly save on your next course), read on!

The game mirrors a writer’s progression in a TV Writers’ Room

You start as a Writers’ PA and you climb the ladder all the way up to Showrunner.

You’ll find a description of all the positions by clicking the button below.

To get hired as a Writers’ PA and start the game

You simply have to complete the first section of the course, ‘Welcome to the Course!’. You can access the course from your group page.

You then get further promotions by completing new modules, so you can focus on the course. However…

As you go along, you earn reward points, room points and achievements

Reward points are not specific to a particular game or course and keep accumulating over the life of your account. These are the points that can be redeemed against a future purchase (200 points for 1 USD, up to 25% off any course, max. $100). Room points are tied to the Writers’ Room game, hence contribute to your progress in the room.

A completed topic / module gets you 25 / 100 reward points; a completed quiz gets you 100 reward points; a quiz with a score of 80% or more unlocks 50 reward points and 250 room points. A perfect quiz (100% score) unlocks 100 reward points and 500 room points, in addition to the 80+ quiz points already awarded.

Finally, each promotion gets you an increasing bonus (up to 2,500 room points).

So everyone can make it to Showrunner, but some will earn more points than others along the way… You can track your progress on a page that includes a leaderboard showing only the top five players if you’re part of a group, or the ten all-time best players, so no one will ever look bad. Please note that your displayname (currently ““) can be shown on the leaderboard whether you’re playing the game or not, so you might want to edit your profile to change your displayname.

The winner is the highest ranked player with the most room points

Reward points will only be used to break an unlikely tie (and can also be redeemed against a future purchase, as explained above).

Whether you play the game or not, you’ll get a certificate when you complete the course. This is more to acknowledge your efforts than anything else — just a bit of fun for those of you who might find this motivating and entertaining.

Your certificates are stored in your Course Enrollments, which are accessible from the Members’ Area menu, along with your overall quizzes score.

Of course, none of this means much regarding your actual script development abilities, so we don’t expect it to be taken too seriously…

Good luck, and have fun!

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