Tenth Anniversary Special Offer

To celebrate SCREENPLAY Unlimited’s tenth anniversary, we’ve decided to include UK VAT and all sales taxes (where applicable) in the price of our online courses this month, leading to an up to 20% extra discount for most. This is in addition to the up to 70% off from the “Pay-What-You-Can” pricing system available for our main Advanced Development course and its TV Series add-on module.

Our “Pay-What-You-Can” pricing system offers significant discounts for independent producers (30% OFF), in-work individual filmmakers (50% OFF) and students / unemployed (70% OFF). This means that, for those selecting the lowest tier, the cost of each course is as low as $297 and $237 respectively, for a one-year access and until the 30th of April 2024 there will be no UK VAT or sales tax added on top at checkout.

As a reminder, the title of each tier is just a guide. Feel free to select a lower tier if that’s all you can afford for now, and don’t hesitate to select a higher tier if you’d like to help further.

To reward those paying the standard price on either course, we’ll include a free script chat on a project (£495 value) until we reach capacity. Simply get in touch once you’ve completed the course and mention the discount code SCRIPTCHAT.

We hope this automatic VAT discount combined with our “Pay-What-You-Can” pricing system will help even more filmmakers and storytellers access our training. Remember that if you’ve already done an online course or a live workshop with us, you can also redeem the reward points accumulated during the course at checkout for up to $100 off, on top of any discount and on any price tier.

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