Advanced Development Workshop for ACE Producers in Helsinki

ACE 27 Producers & some of the ACE Team (Jacobine van der Vloed, Al Williams, Maegene Fabias and Alice Cubadda) in Helsinki [Photo credit: ACE Producers]

Just back from Helsinki… I had an amazing time at the latest ACE Producers Content Development Workshop!

I delivered my 3-day Advanced Development Workshop to an impressive group of 16 experienced feature film producers from 14 different Creative Europe supported countries (soon to be joined by two Canadian colleagues thanks to Telefilm Canada):

Anneli Ahven – Estonia – Kopli Kinokompanii
“Beatrice” by Ain Mäeots

Anamaria Antoci – Romania – 4 Proof Film
“Max and the Virgin Mary” by Adrian Sitaru

Signe Byrge Sørensen – Denmark – Final Cut for Real
“The End” by Joshua Oppenheimer

Sylvain Corbeil – Canada – Metafilms
“La Dissociation” by Albéric Aurtenèche

Gary Cranner – Norway – Chezville
“The Ski Jumper who didn’t want to Land” by Hans Petter Moland

Colin Day – United Kingdom – Rickshaw Entertainment
“Middle-8” by Marielle Gautier

Galilé Marion-Gauvin – Canada – Productions l’Unité Centrale
“Listen Well, O Fence of Reed” by Dominique Chila & Samer Najari

Koji Nelissen – The Netherlands – Kepler Film
“Woods” by Diederick Koopal

Iris Otten – The Netherlands – Pupkin Film
“Dreamscape” by Anna van der Heide

Jussi Rantamäki – Finland – Aamu Film Company
“The Woodcutter Story” by Mikko Myllylahti

Arash T. Riahi – Austria – Golden Girls Filmproduktion
“Micromeo” by Virgil Widrich

Igor Savychenko – Ukraine – Directory Films
“Die Young” Dir. TBD

Laurette Schillings – The Netherlands – Topkapi Films
“” Dir. TBD

Pierpaolo Verga – Italy – O’ Groove
“The Vice of Hope” by Edoardo De Angelis

John Wallace – Ireland – Black Sheep Productions
“The Navigator” by Dathaí Keane

Jakob Weydemann – Germany – Weydemann Bros.
“Fresh” by Damian John Harper

Mariusz Wlodarski – Poland – Lava Films
“Sweat” by Magnus von Horn

Ondrej Zima – Czech Republic – Evolution Films
“Grand Prix” by Jan Prušinovský

We were then joined by other ACE consultants to discuss the producers’ projects, both on the creative and financial sides.

Testimonials for the ACE Producers 3-day Advanced Development Workshop

Very inspiring and thoughtful.

One of the best workshops regarding script structure I’ve attended. It really makes you review and research what you know about books like Mckee, Field etc. The books that I’ve been related to at my studies. Really enjoyed it and will try to convey it to my work with films I produce and students I tutor. Very inspiring and thoughtful. Thank you Emmanuel! [Advanced Development Workshop (ACE 26)]

Jelena Mitrovic

Impressive knowledge!

I had the pleasure to attend two of Emmanuel’s workshops. His knowledge about the different screenwriting approaches is impressive and enables him to recombine and rethink them to a new approach. I highly appreciate his work no matter if you already know a lot about screenplays or not. [Advanced Development Workshop (ACE 27)]

Arash T. Riahi

The most inspiring developing session I have ever taken part in.

Without doubt the most inspiring developing session I have ever taken part in. Emmanuel is not only a very good speaker – but manages to use practical examples and group discussion to give the participants a very clear understanding of his thoughts on drama. Less dogmatic than McKee and Field he aims at giving the creative a tool box of dramatic elements rather than a formula for success. I strongly recommend this workshop to both writers, producers and funding bodies. Well done! [Advanced Development Workshop (ACE 26)]

Frederick Peter Howard

A really useful and inspiring seminar!

Thanks for a really useful and inspiring seminar – I have attended a number of development training courses in the past, so wasn’t sure whether I would learn very much that was new. As it happens, I learned a huge amount and feel much more confident about going back into the development process with a brand new toolbox. [Advanced Development Workshop (ACE 24)]

Alison Sterling
Producer, Ignition Films

Many thanks to Jacobine van der Vloed (ACE Director & Head of Studies) and Simon Perry (ACE President) for their kind invitation and to everyone involved for making this experience a truly unforgettable one!

For more information on the ACE 27 producers, please click on either of the group pictures above. For more information on the ACE Producers network,  now based in Amsterdam, please click on the logo below:

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