Thriller and Comedy Sessions at the London Screenwriter’s Festival

Picture Credit: Falmouth Flexible

I had a fantastic time at the festival, with a wonderful audience for both sessions and very positive feedback from the participants.

Here is a selection of quotes from some of the participants who have already registered (thanks for your kind words everyone!):

“I attended the London Screenwriter’s Festival and sat the thriller seminar.  Thoroughly enjoyed it!   And will solve a couple of issues I’ve been having with my own work.”

“I attended your [thriller] workshop at the LSF on Friday and found it incredibly useful. So thank you.”

“I really connected to the way in which comedy and story were explained using Maslow’s theory.”

“I attended sessions at the festival on thriller and comedy writing – which were brilliant and so helpful.”

“Your LSF [comedy] presentation was such an invigorating breath of fresh air.”

“Brilliant Writing Comedy Presentation.”

“I really enjoyed your ‘Writing Thrillers’ session – it was both informative and entertaining and I came away with plenty of notes to help me with my writing. I certainly hope you will come back next year!”

“Thanks for the great lecture on Thriller writing last weekend.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed your thriller development lecture at LSF on September 15th. I wish I had more than 2 hands to write out the numerous and fantastic slides you presented! […] Thank you so much for a truly awesome lecture.”

Special thanks to Suzanne Bull from Falmouth Flexible who kindly provided the above picture (and a warm hello to the Falmouth students who attended the session)…

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