Earn Some Money (or Help Others to Save Money) With Our Online Courses

Until now, our affiliate program was only available to a few partners, mostly not-for-profit organisations and film bodies, who were able to offer their audience an additional discount on our interactive online courses, before or after an event.

We’ve decided to open this program to all of the clients, live workshop / online course participants, and writers/directors that we’ve worked with.

If you’re enthusiastic about the Story-Type Method, this program provides an ideal way to ethically recommend our training so that even more filmmakers and storytellers can benefit from this groundbreaking approach to screenwriting and script development.

Joining our affiliate program, which is easy and free, allows you to offer an additional discount to your audience, team, friends and colleagues, and / or to earn a commission on each referral.

More About Our Affiliate Program

Currently, this program is only open to those who have first-hand experience of our training and services:
When you become an affiliate, you can pick one of the following options:
  • Option 120% commission rate on each referral, no additional discount for your audience, team, friends or colleagues, though they can still take advantage of any discount offered on the website, such as our new tier-based pricing.
  • Option 210% commission rate on each referral and 10% discount for your audience, team, friends or colleagues, in addition to any discount already offered on the website.
  • Option 30% commission rate on each referral and 20% discount for your audience, team, friends and colleagues, in addition to any discount already offered on the website. This option is often chosen by not-for profit organisations and film bodies, but it can also be selected by commercial companies and individuals.

Note that referrals can’t be generated on your own purchases (including when using a different email address).

How to Join Our Affiliate Program

To become an affiliate or learn more about this program (including reading the Terms of Use), first log in or register, as only registered members can apply (registration is entirely free).

Once you’re logged in, open the Member’s Area menu located at the top of most pages. The last option will take you to the Affiliate Registration Page. Alternatively, you can come back here, you’ll find a button to join.

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