Free Online Presentation and Training Videos: The Three Dimensions of Screenwriting

One thing that popped up a lot in our November survey was requests for more training videos and webinars, preferably at no cost or low cost. So we’re thrilled to announce that our first free webinar has landed, along with a few bonus videos.

We designed this 45-minute presentation as an introduction to the Story-Type Method, so that someone who doesn’t know anything about it can follow the content and learn about this new approach to screenwriting and screen development, but we’re looking at it from a new angle so that those already familiar with the method can get a fresh perspective and new insights.

Amongst the topics discussed: the difference between story format and story structure, logistical acts vs. dramatic acts and the three dimensions of screenwriting. Understanding these concepts is key to creating high-concept stories as well as getting your projects made and reaching a wider audience, at home and abroad.

Those who register will also get access to a few bonus videos from our Advanced Script Development course. They provide additional training content allowing viewers to dive a bit deeper into some of the topics discussed in the presentation, should they want to.

Both the main presentation and the bonus videos are free. We hope that you’ll find this content inspiring. If the feedback is positive, we plan to release shorter videos over the next few months, covering specific topics or designed for a particular subgroup (writers, producers, creators/showrunners, etc).

So if you enjoy this first webinar, please let us know, and share the link to the registration page or to this page with your friends & colleagues, either by email or on social media, so that more people can find out about this new approach.

And if you don’t dig it, if you have some constructive feedback to share or if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch! It’s our first attempt at creating free training like this, so we have no doubt that there is room for improvement…

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