New Hands-On Rewrite Workshops

We are delighted to introduce two new live workshops to our line-up: a feature film add-on, The Rewrite Stuff: 12 Ways to a Stronger Screenplay and a TV Series add-on, The Rewrite Stuff: 12 Ways to a Stronger Series. These interactive, project-led events are usually commissioned by studios, groups, independent producers, film funds or training organisations and can be delivered online or in-person (travel permitting).

Why two new workshops, you might ask? Well, one of our participants’ most common requests following live workshops has always been “This is fantastic content, but please could we do more project work?” and our recent survey confirmed this.

Our standard live workshops cover a lot of ground. We do hands-on group work and even optional group work on projects on a few specific topics, but this remains limited by design. There simply isn’t enough time to get deep into individual project work, even with an optional day of one-to-one meetings.

Now that most of the “static” content is available in our online courses, we’ve decided to focus more on what’s different every time: the participants and the projects. So we’ve created two new add-on workshops that ideally piggy-back onto an Advanced Development Workshop or a Writing a Successful TV Series workshop in order to tackle individual project work when a day of one-to-one meetings isn’t enough.

These rewrite workshops are 100% project-led and interactive — there is little to no theory. Participants build on what they’ve learnt in the workshops, online courses or in the books and work it into their projects. We designed these hands-on workshops to prepare a structural rewrite, improving both the project and its pitch, with the option of providing feedback in a follow-up meeting within 12 weeks, before a final polish. These workshops are open to development teams as well as solo writers, to make them even more interactive and productive.

You’ll find more information about each of these rewrite workshops by clicking on their respective logo below. Both workshops are highly customisable, with many options to cover the needs of studios, groups, independent producers, film funds and training organisations.

We are thrilled to be preparing the first edition of 12 Ways to a Stronger Series with Creative Europe Galway, which will allow us to capitalise on the impressive number of Irish storytellers who have enthusiastically attended our TV Series workshops and courses over the last 18 months. So if you’re an Irish professional and would like to dive deep into your TV Series project, you might want to save the dates: this workshop will kick off with an intensive week on the 2nd-7th of May 2022, the rest of the rewrite taking place during the following eleven weeks, with feedback on the new draft by the end of July. It will be free to attend for the selected participants (up to ten projects). We’ll provide more information when the application process starts in March.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

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