Online Advanced Development Workshop for Screen Ireland and Cultural & Creative Industries Skillnet

I had a fantastic time delivering an Advanced Development Workshop for Screen Ireland and CCI Skillnet last week. The participants were a lovely group of twenty-five writers, directors, creative producers and story editors.

This was a hybrid workshop combining around 15 hours of self-led training content based on my interactive online course Screenwriting Unchained: Advanced Development and a live element composed of four Q&A sessions, as well as hands-on group work on project development.

Feedback was overwhelmingly positive (thanks everyone for your kind words!).

Many thanks to Grainne Bennett (Screen Ireland) and Sean Smith (CCI Skillnet) for making this happen and for all their help and support.

Here are a few testimonials from the participants:

Highly Recommend

This course was a huge eye opener for me. Emmanuel approaches the development process with a whole new perspective that allows writers to either re-write existing projects or take a whole new idea through the Story Type method and develop it to a screenplay. The use of Maslow to explain parts of the process as well as the “Fractal” aspect of storytelling were both immensely interesting and useful to me. Do yourself a favour, do the course, you won’t regret it!!

Joy Buckle

A screenwriting toolbox that makes sense.

An excellent communicator and educator – Emmanuel cuts through the theory with candour and simplicity. The course fuels a drive to get back to the keyboard with confidence, knowing his tangible tools will act as a guiding light.

Lesley Conroy

Focused and Relevant, As Always

Advanced Development is the second course I have done with Emmanuel, and as with Writing a Successful TV Series, it was focused, sharp, and relevant.

Emmanuel structures his courses so there’s no time wasted, and if you’re serious about progressing your project and career, you’ll want to put the same commitment into it. You’ll come away with an understanding of industry expectations, the tools to apply high standards, and the confidence to meet the challenge.

I’m already looking forward to the next course.

Sharon Lawless
Flawless Films

A revolution of freedom

Emmanuel’s Story Type Method has been eye-opening, confidence-building, and truly inspirational. It has given me a toolbox packed to the brim with ideas and processes to assess and develop scripts in a bespoke manner for each script and scriptwriter. Often, when working on my own work or with other writers, I need to try multiple entry points before cracking the right way to start work on a project. This method cuts through so much of the trial and error by identifying specific types of stories, and how to best harness their unique qualities to bring out the writer’s voice, talent, and preferred way of working. I feel like I’ve only just begun with this work and can’t wait to continue learning and applying it. The course itself is delivered in a way that is very easy to understand, entertaining, and fun and I look forward to the next one.

Sam Atwell

The course was perfect for me.

The course was perfect for me. It made me really think about plot development and the character’s journey. I would highly recommend this course for anyone who wants to advance their script to be the best it can be. A huge thanks to Emmanuel for his wise and considered teaching. It was a pleasure.

Jane Rooney

Invaluable and invigorating

I found training with Emmanuel invaluable and invigorating. He was so generous and enthusiastic. It was a real joy to be part of. A must do for not just writers/script editors, but for anybody wishing to produce content.

Rowena Kelly
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