SCREENPLAY Unlimited Turns Ten!

SCREENPLAY Unlimited started trading in April 2014, exactly ten years ago. It’s a nice milestone and a great opportunity to look back at what we’ve achieved over that decade and look forward to what I’d like to do in the next one.

When our second daughter was born in 2013, I decided to take a year off screenwriting to make the most of this precious time and to write the book on screenwriting that had been on my mind for years. Over that year, I developed the Story-Type Method and began sharing it through my Advanced Script Development Workshop. The book itself took a little longer — as books often do. One year turned into three but by 2016 “Screenwriting Unchained” was ready to publish. It quickly became an international bestseller in screenwriting on Amazon, which triggered an avalanche of opportunities.

script development

One thing leading to another, I’ve since written two additional bestselling books on script development, designed three interactive online courses, ran quite a few live workshops — both online and in-person — and I’ve worked as a creative consultant on dozens of feature films and TV Series projects, with amazing creative teams. It’s been an incredible rollercoaster and a very exciting and rewarding time!

I’ve enjoyed every step of this journey with the Story-Type Method, and every collaboration that’s come with it. These days, I enjoy running alongside this work, but it doesn’t need my full attention anymore. Happily, this leaves me free to get back to more hands-on development…

I’ll certainly continue to work as a creative consultant, running workshops and updating our online courses because I thoroughly enjoy helping creative teams and making new friends, but I’m also excited to throw myself into initiating and developing projects again, as a writer, creator and possibly showrunner…

In order to achieve this, I’ve taken steps to make it easier for me to explore creative opportunities at short notice. This means we’ve also been able to change the way we sell our online courses, starting with this special offer to celebrate our 10-year anniversary. I have a few other ideas that I’m hoping to be able to announce soon. Hopefully, you’ll find them as exciting as I do.

Here is to the next ten years, and to the surprises they will bring!

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