FREE TRAINING: New Online Course and E-Book to Explore The Three Dimensions of Screenwriting

Our 45-minute webinar — launched just over a year ago — has been a huge success and we’ve since received many requests to offer this online content in a different form, both as an alternative way to experience it and as a follow-up or reference.

Your wish is granted — “The Three Dimension of Screenwriting” is now also available as an online course (around one hour of content) and an 80-page e-book. Best of all, webinar, mini-course and e-book remain free — at least for the time being!

We designed this free training as an introduction to the Story-Type Method, so that those who don’t know anything about this approach to screenwriting and script development can quickly learn about it, but we’re also looking at the method from a different angle so that those already familiar with it can get a fresh perspective and new insights.

The mini-course uses the same platform as our premium courses, so you get (almost) all the trimmings: English subtitles and transcripts for the training videos, note-taking app, interactive AI Assistant trained to the content of the course… The main premium features that couldn’t be implemented in this mini-course — due to its short duration — are quizzes and gamification.

However, you still accumulate reward points as you go through the course (the equivalent of $50 by the time you complete it). These points can be redeemed against any of our premium courses, along with any points you might already have earned in a previous course/workshop.

The whole mini-course is now available when you take any add-on (such as our TV Series Online Course or our TV, Thriller, Comedy and Animation workshops), offering an alternative way to prepare for those who don’t have the time/money/inclination to go through the Advanced Development Course or read Screenwriting Unchained before an add-on module.

The 80-page e-book is available in the Members’ Area — to download the PDF you just need to log in or register. It includes all the transcripts from the course, all the slides shown in the course/webinar along with additional info-graphs and insights, as well as a 40-page Story-Type Method Glossary from our bestselling book Writing a Successful TV Series — to help newcomers with the lingo.

All three variants of this free training (webinar, mini-course and e-book) cover the same ground: They explore the difference between story format and story structure (a key aspect of designing TV series and multi-stranded narratives) and of course the three dimensions of screenwriting (the secret behind most high-concept stories)… We hope that you’ll enjoy this content, whichever form you choose!

One last thing: Those who register for the webinar or complete the mini-course will also get access to a few bonus videos from our Advanced Development Course. These provide additional content, allowing viewers to dive a bit deeper into some of the topics discussed in the training — should they want to.

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