Our New AI Assistant Makes Our Online Courses Even More Interactive

Our online courses such as the main Advanced Development course and its TV Series add-on module already offered a lot of interactivity but our advanced course platform now takes things to the next level with an exclusive AI Assistant, which is, as far as we know, a first for any screenwriting online course!

This means that in all our courses, you get a dedicated assistant, specifically trained to the content of each course (topics, materials and companion book). As you go through the content, you can ask the AI assistant any question related to the course. It will answer within the context of the course, so you’ll get information that is a lot more relevant and detailed than with generic ChatGPT or Bard.

This is a fantastic way to get instant answers to questions you might have while watching a training video. For example, you can ask for more information about a specific term mentioned or discussed (as in the screenshot above), ask for more examples of how to use a specific tool in the field that interests you particularly (say film or TV), in a specific genre (thriller, comedy, animation, etc) or even in a specific film or series, especially if it’s covered in the course, as in the screenshot below.

Obviously, this AI Assistant can’t replace the live sessions of a workshop or a one-to-one meeting, but it can answer many questions instantly, without having to wait for the next live interaction.

We’ve tested our AI Assistant over the last few months with users of our online courses and participants of our live workshops (who go through the online course as part of the workshop) and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Those who tried it found it very useful and responsive, and even those who didn’t need it liked knowing it was at their fingertips “just in case”. Of course, if an AI Assistant really isn’t your thing, you can ignore it entirely and it will never get in the way.

If you’d like to give it a go, even our free online course on script development includes its very own AI Assistant (pictured above), so you can try it right away. Just make sure that you log in or register first, because if you’re not logged in you’ll only get the standard website AI assistant.

The AI assistant for this mini-course isn’t as powerful as the one included in our premium courses, which are trained to the full content of each course — so 10-15 hours of content, plus the companion book — vs. one hour of content and the free samplers of our three books for the mini-course. Still, it allows you to see how useful our AI Assistant can be to make the most of any self-led training.

So pick your online course — free or premium — and explore the most interactive screenwriting online training currently available on the planet!

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